Kozy Kandles was created the fall of 2016. From the pure LOVE of candles, I was interested in how to make my own- so to Pinterest I went. Although many trials and errors, I didn't give up and just kept on perfecting my craft. I used "K's" for my brand because my Mawma who passed away while I was still figuring out a name, was named Kay Gray. I wanted to incorporate my Mawma into my business because she was so proud of me and what I was creating.


  I do local Farmers Markets and Flea Markets so I am able to share my product with the community. You can also find me in True North, a local boutique in downtown New Albany at 137 E Market St. Suite 102. At True North, the front window space is dedicated for the Kozy Kandles workshop. Customers can pop-in and experience the candle making process and of course smell all the lively aromas.


 I have created a quality soy candle that is made with all-natural wax, 100% cotton wicks, highly scented fragrance oils, and essential oils. I try to create the best product for my customers because I know how important it is to have a quality candle that promotes relaxation and of course excellent fragrance that fills your home. Kozy Kandles promote a clean and even burn with little to no soot in your jar. They also last longer than leading brands that use paraffin wax derived from petroleum. You won't regret purchasing a Kozy Kandle or the Room and Linen Spray.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

All-natural Soy Wax

100% Cotton Wicks

High quality oils

Clean burn



Hello! I am Emily, the owner/creator of Kozy Kandles! I started this business in the fall of 2016 and have simply followed my dream and passion. Candles to me are much more than a fragrance. They create an ambiance that makes you feel relaxed, cozy and warm. I love lighting a candle up when the house is clean, while working or gatherings with family. They make me feel at home and I love sharing that with you all!


I thank everyone for their support and encouragement along my journey!

You can find me in my workshop at True North Boutique.

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