Holiday Fragrances coming soon

  • Christmas Hearth

    A classic holiday blend of lemon and pine with warm exotic spices of allspice and cinnamon finished with undertones of raspberry and maple musk.

  • Cranberry Woods

    The tartness of cranberries and currants with pleasing herbaceous accords will give you all the holiday cheer. Notes of cranberry, pine, black currant, cinnamon and vanilla.

  • Bourbon Banana Bread

    Fresh banana and walnuts mixed with gooey butter, vanilla bourbon and nutmeg

  • Bourbon Caramel Crunch

    Smooth bourbon and sweet caramel with bottom notes of pecan and maple

  • Gingerbread House

    Delightful, frosted ginger and spice blend with clove and vanilla for a rich treat. Notes of ginger, graham cracker, cinnamon and vanilla frosting.

  • Merry

    Crisp forest greens & warm spices create a cozy layer of pure comfort and peace. Top notes of fir and smoked woods with middle and bottom notes of cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, amber and musk.

North Pole

Sweet peppermint sticks with a creamy, rich vanilla foundation.

Pine + Bergamot

Fresh citrus, bergamot, and Christmas pine trees dance in the crisp winter air with notes of fresh cut juniper and cool lavender. Dry down of balsam pine, fragrant cedar, and frozen tundra.

Snow Day

Cinnamon and clove blend with holiday berries, icy peppermint, and evergreen to create this complex holiday scent. Notes of holiday fruit, evergreen, cinnamon and a light musk.


A warm blend of pine, orange, and cinnamon that will make you think of Christmas Eve by the fireplace. Notes of orange spice, fresh pine, cinnamon and clove with hints of sandalwood.


Toasted Marshmallow

Crisp marshmallows over the bonfire- YUM! Notes of warm and toasted sugar with graham cracker.

True North

Notes of espresso, sweet cream, salted caramel and fresh maple.

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