The Basic
  • The Basic

    The Basic includes:


    1. Pumpkin Pie
    2. Maple Almond
    3. Toasted Marshmallow
    4. Harvest


    Ok ok, these scents are not ~basic~ but you get my humor here. These fall scents are perfect for all my foodies. Perfect as a sampler pack or gift pack! Each 2 oz candle has a burn time between 10-15 hours.

    • Scent Descriptions

      Pumpkin Pie / Yummy baked pumpkin with vanilla, cinnamon, clove and warm crust. Not your typical pumpkin spice scent, but BETTER.

      Maple Almond / Apple and cherry top notes with underlying notes of cinnamon, butter and vanilla musk.

      Toasted Marshmallow / Think crisp marshmallows over the bonfire. You get notes of warm vanilla and bonfire musks to bring back all the nostalgic feels for fall.

      Harvest / Fresh apple and peach for top notes with cinnamon, clove and tonka. Think fresh macintosh apples with blended fall spices. Classic.

    • Care Info

      - Trim wick to 1/4 of an inch before lighting- this maximizes burn time and reduces smoke (keeps your jar clean)

      - Soy candles have a memory: It is important for the first time to leave the candle burning long enough for the wax to fully melt across the width of the candle. A full melt pool will ensure an even burn for future burns and will also release maximum scent throw.

      - Enjoy and get kozy

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