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Eau De Parfum Bar

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Blend and curate your very own eco-luxe perfume at our in-house Kozy Bar.

Fragrance is something personal and intimate. Your signature scent says something about you and can leave quite the impression. Exploring different fragrances and how they speak to you invites all feminine senses to come out and play.

Scent makes you feel. It evokes a variety of feelings such as wonder, sensuality, comfort, nostalgia, playfulness, warmth, softness, boldness and so many more.

Come with an open mind and get ready to ignite all senses for this one. 



All perfumes are made with organic sugarcane alcohol and high quality fragrance oils blended with essential oils.

Each person will make their own signature 2oz perfume.

Creator/Owner, Emily Gray, will be leading and teaching the class and will assist you with coming up with your very own signature scent!