A "Thank You" to You

Handmade Soy Candles | Soy Cubes | Essential Oil Linen Spray | 21. College student pursuing her dreams and turning her passions into a small business.

Thank you for the amazing support and I could not make any of this possible without everyone who has contributed to my business. Starting up was not easy and it was a mix of many ups and downs but with hard work and dedication- I have been able to expand and share my craft with numerous of people. It has been a dream come true getting my name out there and again-- none of this would be possible without everyone’s support!

Candles have brightened my life in many ways more than one and my goal is to share that with anyone who comes across my brand. Comfort, peace, home, memories and joy.

Adding a touch of simple and chic decor and fragrance to your home is the physical quality I offer, but the emotional value I aspire to bring to each and every one is happiness and calmness of Kozy Kandles. Something you can share each year with your loved ones and scents that bring back childhood memories or ones that will create new ones.

Thank you again!


Emily Gray


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