Raw Letter to Myself. To You All.

I went through so much heartache. I felt so broken. Lost. Hurt. Unworthy. Replaceable. Small.

Who was I?

I was searching for deeper purpose. Longing for fulfillment. Passion.

Something that filled my soul with consistent fire that wasn’t set on certain terms and conditions.

Something that left me overfilled with joy, love and motivation.

Something that connected me with all of those things.

I was so tired of my confidence lacking in so many areas of my life.

The things I held so dear to my heart abandoned me.

Leaving me hesitant, unsure, closed off, and fearful.

Then I found candles.

Something so simple served a greater purpose in my life than I realized.

Connectivity and creativity fueled my fire.

An emerging passion had soften my wounds of heartbreak.

This outlet comforted me. It gave me purpose. It gave me hope.

It sparked new ideas.

It opened opportunities and possibilities I didn’t know existed for me.

For so long I placed my worth in other people's hands.

I was piece by piece taking that back.

The confidence I carried was a new one. One that was pure, authentic and genuine.

I did this.

The broken things would not destroy me.

This was my new realization.

Though so many seasons of life

Candles led me the way back to my purpose.

Even when doubts were high and enthusiasm was low

They reminded me that no moment or chapter of life is your defining story

There was something special about creating candles for me

The different scents all held different feelings

They held memories


Happiness. Nostalgia. Peace.

They reminded me of home and family

All the warm and sweet moments

They reminded me of all the different seasons we go through

As they come and go, we are reminded by the memories we associate with each one

Yet, so simple, they hold such significance

They are my reminder that no moment in life defines you.

Your heart.

Your story.

Because each new season welcomes new experiences. New light. New memories

And you can always be humbled, appreciative and grateful for the simple joys in life that deliver you love and breaths full of warmth

We all need that.

Curating Kozy Kandles has truly been a blessing that I aspire to share with every home.

Every story.

Delivering more than a tangible product is my goal.

Sharing the intangible feelings of tenderness and state of presence is my mission.

You never know, the light of something so small could have the potential to be life changing. Opening endless opportunities for change, direction and love.

With love,


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