Give your dead candles life!

Kozy Kandles wants to give back to the Earth we live on, one candle jar at a time.

Did you know, the average person produces nearly 5.91 pounds of garbage in just one day with only 1.51 pounds being recycled?!

Kozy Kandles has introduced a recycle and refill program. The recycle and refill program has benefits for not only our planet, but for you as well!

Who has a stash of half or fully burnt candles? Just me? Who ALSO holds on to jars because they just don’t feel right throwing them away? Well… you aren’t alone. This is why I want to introduce this new service/program to help eliminate waste while also saving us both some $!!

Here at Kozy Kandles, we want to take your old candle jars right off your hands. You can drop off your burnt out candle right at our location! I know this program is more dedicated to my local people, who can drop items off, but my non locals are more than welcome to ship their jars back!

Drop off days:

Thursday-Saturday 11am-4pm

Kozy Kandles wants to give back to you as well! If you clean your jar, you will get 50 cents off your next candle! (We won’t turn down an unclean jar though)

Cleaning a jar is simple!

  1. Get the wick tab out with a knife or scissors

  2. Add H2O and microwave jar for 30 seconds - 1 minute

  3. Clean with a paper tool or scrub

(p.s. things will get waxy but soy wax is much softer wax compared to paraffin wax… meaning our wax is much easier to clean up!)

Kozy Kandles wanted to take this program one step further.

BYOJ Refill Service aka Bring Your Own Jar Refill Service.

Have a super cool and fun or special container? You can now fill it with your favorite fragrance! I’ve had several customers in the past ask me to refill sentimental jars for them and it’s just another layer of connection I love to offer.

You can bring your jar in and I will measure the volume needed and you will have the option to choose your fragrance from our currently offered fragrances.

Want a custom blend? You got it! Just a heads up, there will be an extra charge.

Our refill service prices are listed below:

$2 per ounce

+$5 for customer blending

My location is:

Kozy Kandles: 37 Bank Street Suite 8

Downtown New Albany

**Disclaimer: some jars/vessels may be too intricate for a candle; therefore, I will be honest upon examining the jar if I think a candle would burn properly and safely in it.

At Kozy Kandles, we want to eliminate waste in our landfills and give these burnt out jars a longer life.

Stay Kozy!

Emily Gray

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